Stelar provides research on Privacy Impact Assessment and Privacy by Design of new security technologies.

It offers the competence to develop design proposals following legal requirements in close cooperation with technologists. This is with a view to contribute to technical standardisation and technical committees. In addition it can disseminate results as an active member of biometric industry groups.

Together with faculties, manufacturers and users Stelar will contribute to ICT research under the 7th Framework Programme as a task leader in a three-years project co-funded by the EU (FP7-ICT-2013-10). For the impact of the project the Commission evaluators recognised Stelar’s approach of a Privacy-by-Design method for an EU standard (5.00/5.00 points).

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For biometric systems Stelar will lead a project to create a European technical standard on a Privacy-by-Design method (CEN TC 224 WG 18).