Stelar’s main researcher gained three years of full-time working experience at a research centre which co-authored drafts of the Federal Data Protection Act for the German government. As a “Stagiaire” he gained practice at a European institution (European Data Protection Supervisor) where he explored privacy and data protection in two FP7 projects (INDECT and Adabts). He was a researcher at the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre in Sydney with Graham Greenleaf who is a privacy law advisor to the Council of Europe and EU Commission. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications, a contributor to the public consultation of the European Commission and Council of Europe, and a member of technical programme committees.

After legal studies in Hamburg and specialising in European business law in Scotland, he studied information and communication technology law as a Master of Laws (“Magna Cum Laude”), in particular, EU data protection law with Wolfgang Kilian and Lee Bygrave, who wrote the standard work “Data Protection Laws” (Kluwer International).